PABX/PBX Phones Overview

Most Popular Small/Medium Business Phone Systems

Trikon are the PABX experts and can give your business access to the very latest in business phone technology. We can tailor and customise a phone solution that’s perfect for your business needs and usage, right now.

To make matters'll listen to one salesperson, yet the next tells you something completely different. It's a pity this information isn't regulated! Sometimes there are legitimate reasons but often it’s simply salesmanship. Do you honestly think a Toyota car dealer would admit that the Hyundai equivalent is better buying – it’s not going to happen.

In terms of market popularity you’d be looking at telephone systems for small business like LG Ericsson, Avaya, Hosted IP solutions from various vendors and other brands like Samsung, NEC, Alcatel and Cisco.

With feature sets, even pricing, often so similar between various solutions it can be splitting hairs sometimes. Believe it or not, the company you choose to implement the solution can actually be more important than the solution itself. Too many phone companies what to slap it in and walk away. You need to make sure that they care about explaining and tailoring the technology so you get maximise your returns from day 1.

After investigating telephone systems for small business based on variables such as relevant features, value for money, technology, ease of use and worldwide sales there were some standouts in our opinion - in no particular order.

Phone System Brands

Choosing the right small phone system has never been easier with our range of leading brands, everyday low pricing and one stop service. Plus all our phone systems are backed by Australia's only 4 day 100% Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind.

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Phone System Features

We’ve compiled of the most popular system features you’ll find requested for phone systems for business. Many come standard on the latest pbx solutions whereas some require additional licences/hardware.

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