The bill will be sent to you between 7th to 9th of each month to the email address you have provided. the due date for each invoice once generated is 10 days from the date of issue. for instance, invoices generated on the 7th of each month will be due on the 17th and invoices generated on the 9th will be due on the 19th of the same month.

Please note that voice lines will be cancelled with your previous provider once we switch you to the Trikon network on site. you will need to contact your service provider should they continue to charge you for services that have been transferred to Trikon. please contact our on-boarding team on 1300 Trikon to find out more.

You will see charges for your plan fees from the date of connection which would be calculated on a pro-rata basis. you will also receive charges for one additional month as an advance payment for your plan which includes your standard plan/line rental charges.

Please email from an authorised email address. we require 100 points of ID for the nomination. it will take up to 48 hours to get the request actioned. the primary account holder would be notified once the request is completed.

The phone bill is due within 10 days from issue date per month.

  • Your previous and current invoices can be viewed at any time via our MY ACCOUNT portal online.
  • Click on: my account from Trikon website.
  • Login: this is your account number.
  • Password: you can obtain this from our team – call Trikon on 1300 Trikon.

Our preference is direct debit as most of our plans are fixed. other options can be found on the monthly bill. these options include your designated B-pay details and our bank details for manual deposits as well.

If you choose to move your services to an alternate provider whilst in contract with Trikon, a contract termination fee will be issued within your last bill. If you are out of contract, there will be no associated termination fee in relation to your account although you may be charged a nominal fee attributed to porting out charges.

Please notify Trikon regarding your intentions on the same. Our customer relations team shall organize for a change of ownership form to be sent to you, and all the necessary changes that are to be made to your account shall be communicated to you directly.

If hardware is provided by Trikon, these charges shall appear alongside your standard network charges within your monthly invoice.

If you are unable to pay your monthly bill on account of any reasons attributed to financial hardship, please notify Trikon's CRT team in order for us to consider the options available to you under our financial hardship policy.

In certain situations, should you receive multiple months’ worth of invoices from the system, please advise us of the same and we shall put you on a periodical payment plan to settle all outstanding balances on your account.

Should you have my other queries, please email and a case officer shall revert back to you within 24-48 business hours.

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