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nbn™ is ramping up its rollover all across Australia. Try Trikon nbn™ today and empower your business internet.


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With Trikon nbn™ you can attain faster, stable and efficient internet 24/7.


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Trikon nbn™ offers customized and cost-effective internet plans which will suit your business budgets.


We know in the world of Internet and tech, things can get a little confusing. So we’ve put together some of our frequently asked questions to help you get up to speed.

FTTP installation requests may require in-home cabling and include multiple devices to be installed inside and outside of your premises. The nbn™ equipment to be installed may include an nbn™ utility box (outside), an nbn™ connection box (inside or outside), and a power supply unit (inside).

Before your installation appointment, you will need to think about where you want the nbn™ connection box and power supply unit to be installed inside (or outside) your house.

Use this checklist to pick the best location.

  • 1. Reasonably close to a power point.
  • 2. A cool, dry, ventilated area nbn™ equipment cannot be installed in a damp or wet area such as; a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or under a window that opens).
  • 3. Away from busy areas where it may be knocked or damaged.
  • 4. Somewhere easy for you to see and check the indicator lights.
  • 5. In the same building as the main electric meter box or distribution board (i.e. not in a separate detached garage or outhouse).

Whilst the nbn™ technician will try to accommodate your choice of location, some environmental factors such as complex walls, distance to power sources and proximity and accessibility to the exterior utility box may prevent installation in this location.

Try to choose an alternative location if your preferred location is not viable and discuss the options with your allocated installer.

You will need to schedule your preferred installation appointment with Trikon as they will manage this process for you. Your provider will also confirm if your FTTP installation will require an authorised person over the age of 18 to be present during the installation – to give the installer internal and external access to your premises, to install the nbn™ connection box and power supply unit.

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